It all started when...

Instead of dreaming of growing up to be a sports hero when I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be Ray Harryhausen. I loved movies and special effects and learned to draw by sketching his monsters and cartoon characters from Mad Magazine artists, Don Martin and Mort Drucker.

All through high school, my buddies and I shot Captain Klutz movies with stop motion actors using my family's 8mm camera. They were terrible, but lots of fun to make.

During my 20's, I was involved during productions at the Gem, our local theater, operating lights and building sets. I also wrote my first screenplay.

In my 30s, I spent my weekends writing and directing a slew of plays at the famous Renaissance Pleasure Faire. In the styles of Commedia del Arte, bastardized Shakespeare and toe tapping musical greek tragedies, my creative juices flowed.  
during the week, I would work by day and spent my evenings going through the Writer's Program at UCLA Extension, then studied production and cinematography there. I also studied video editing and After Effects at Video Symphony in Burbank, CA.

In the 1990's MiniDV became available and I dove in and joined Group 101 Films, where we wrote, shot, edited and delivered a film a month. Some of these films won awards. I also started to supplement my income by shooting weddings and other events.

I soon found myself creating commercials and training films for Disney web sites, Promotional videos for actors and other performers, industrial films and specials effects like the 70 shots I did for the Harry Potter Experience in London England (client: Thinkwell).

Here is some of my work. Let me use my skills and enthusiasm to make your projects shine!